Concrete rehabilitation and infrastructure repair projects are frequently undertaken at brownfield sites where the impact of the rehabilitation work on ongoing production must be kept to a minimum. Our track record of working in live environments; addressing costly, complex needs with innovative, safe, simple and cost-effective solutions; and our continued successful project delivery has resulted in repeat business from many key clients.

Transport infrastructure repair and maintenance

Our rehabilitation, repair and maintenance services include:

  • Structural repairs and rehabilitation
    • Repair of spalled and carbonated concrete;
    • Treatment of reinforcing steel and cathodic protection systems;
    • Crack injection;
    • Application of protective coatings; and
    • Installation of strengthening plates and carbon-fibre reinforcing strips and wraps; and
    • Underwater construction and marine infrastructure maintenance.
  • Bridge repair
    • Bridge joint installation and repair;
    • Bridge widening;
    • Bridge jacking/bearing; and
    • Specialised bridge access.
  • Silo and storage structural repairs
    • Concrete repairs;
    • Liner installation; 
    • Internal rail replacements;
    • External post tensioning; and
    • High-strength gunite applications.
  • Cooling tower rehabilitation
  • Chimney repair/maintenance/inspections
    • Flue cleaning;
    • Flue inspections; and
    • Specialised access for inspections.
  • Coal bunker and staithes
  • Water and sanitation infrastructure repairs
    • Waterproofing;
    • Acid proofing;
    • Flexible joint installation; and
    • Waterproofing applications – polyurethane decking systems.
  • Other specialist capabilities
    • Concrete cutting and coring;
    • Concrete demolition;
    • Acid proofing;
    • Flooring applications – epoxy coatings;
    • Specialist and ordinary grouting; and
    • Repair, rehabilitation, protection or aesthetic enhancement proposals utilising innovative materials.
  • Value-adding services
    • Structural condition assessments and reports;
    • Critical structures investigation and monitoring programme;
    • Structural forensic, maintenance schedule and implementation;
    • Preventative maintenance plans;
    • Tailor made access solutions;
    • The provision of designs for, and execution of high access inspection and work platforms;
    • Detailed planning and technical method statements, with temporary work design conducted in-house; and
    • Shut-down planning and execution of projects under shut-down conditions.

Experienced teams

Our experienced teams are equipped with specialist equipment such as grout mixers, grout pumps and epoxy injection equipment; guniting equipment; polyurethane application equipment; specialist high-access equipment; high pressure cleaning equipment; grit and shot blasting equipment; hydraulic lifting and jacking equipment; specialist bridge joint installation equipment; concrete coring and cutting equipment; main riding construction hoists; and airless sprayers.