water & sanitation projects

Stefanutti Stocks Civils was appointed to perform remedial work on the thickeners and launders at a coal processing plant for Sasol Synfuels during the shutdown in 2014. The project included the concrete remedial work (demolition and reconstruction) of the critically deteriorated launders over a ten-day period. The joints were reprofiled and replaced, and the internal surfaces of the launders waterproofed. The external walls of the thickeners were coated to protect the concrete walls against carbonation.

The repair and protection of two thickener dams in Sasol Synfuels Unit 02 was undertaken during the annual shut down in 2012. The scope included the removal and replacement of a protective coating; replacing all joints with a Hypalon bandage system; and concrete repair to the launders and walls to ensure the system is sealed from treated water ingress. The project required a 24-hour operation and was completed successfully.

The Vaalkop Dam Rehabilitation was completed for the Department of Water Affairs in 2008. The project included erosion protection of the re-constructed old ancillary spillway; erosion protection of the right main embarkment; adjustments to the guardrail bolts and nuts to allow thermal expansion and contraction; and a security fence and gate on the right embankment.

The rehabilitation of the Bospoort Dam for Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF) included the removal of the demolition and removal of the existing spillway gates and associated infrastructure; the construction of labyrinth walls, buttresses, outlet works, NOC and auxiliary spillways; rock excavation for the new 75-metre long concrete saddle spillway; the reconstruction of three saddle embankments; the forming of a new stabilized toe on the upstream side of the structure; new rip rap protection to replace the existing protection; and the installation of a new gravel protection layer  on the downstream face.