Multidisciplinary construction group Stefanutti Stocks participates in a broad range of concrete structure and infrastructure construction projects. In addition to constructing greenfield projects the group’s Civils division offers particular expertise in the field of maintenance, structural concrete repair and rehabilitation.

Concrete rehabilitation, infrastructure repair and special projects for Africa

We offer the mining, industrial, petrochemical, power, water, transport, and building sectors economical repair strategies and implement market-leading technologies to ensure that existing and aging infrastructure assets stay in service for their intended lifespan.

Our rehabilitation teams provide clients with a vast range of capabilities, catering for small, medium and large sized projects of various complexities – from epoxy crack injection to jacking and widening of bridge structures; from installing unique access systems to South Africa’s largest cooling towers and chimneys, through to carrying out extensive concrete repairs. We also undertake preventative maintenance and scheduled condition assessments that minimise the requirement for ad-hoc maintenance and keeps existing concrete infrastructure in working condition.

Stefanutti Stocks Civils undertakes concrete repair, infrastructure rehabilitation and special projects across a broad spectrum of sectors, both in South Africa and abroad, including:

  • Mining Infrastructure
    • Mining and mineral processing (structural repairs to silos, carbon fibre strengthening and other abrasive/structural strengthening and protection coatings); and
    • Material handling (concrete repairs, grouting and lining).
  • Industrial Plants, Oil & Gas
    • Power generation, transmission and distribution;
    • Repairs and coating with minor civils in petrochemical plants;
    • Heavy industrial plants (shut-down repairs, grouting, coatings and linings);
    • Rehabilitation of safety related nuclear structures and construction of nuclear waste management facilities;
    • Asbestos removal and management; and
    • Chimney cleaning and maintenance/repairs.
  • Water & Sanitation
    • Structural repairs to plant and chambers;
    • Reservoir, dam and intake repairs;
    • Specialised coatings, liners and joint sealing; and
    • Water proofing.
  • Transport Infrastructure
    • Widenings (road and bridge);
    • Jacking;
    • Structural upgrades; and
    • Erosion control.
  • Commercial and retail buildings (coating, water proofing and repairs).


Stefanutti Stocks has established a culture of investing in people, which provides the framework for personal growth and development of our employees, colleagues and peers, as well as the local communities within which we operate. Details on our skills development, social economic development, enterprise development and other sustainability initiatives are available on our Group website via the below links: