Concrete Rehabilitation

Multidisciplinary construction group Stefanutti Stocks participates in a broad range of concrete structure and infrastructure construction projects. In addition to constructing greenfield projects our Civils Discipline also offers particular expertise in the field of maintenance, structural concrete repair and rehabilitation.

We offer the mining, industrial, petrochemical, power, water, transport, and building sectors economical repair strategies and implement market-leading technologies to ensure that existing and aging infrastructure assets stay in service for their intended lifespan.

Our rehabilitation teams provide clients with a vast range of capabilities, catering for small, medium and large sized projects of various complexities – from epoxy crack injection to jacking and widening of bridge structures; from installing unique access systems to South Africa’s largest cooling towers and chimneys, through to carrying out extensive concrete repairs. We also undertake preventative maintenance and scheduled condition assessments that minimise the requirement for ad-hoc maintenance and keeps existing concrete infrastructure in working condition.

excellence in execution

Stefanutti Stocks Civils Discipline undertakes concrete repair, infrastructure rehabilitation and special projects across a broad spectrum of sectors, both in South Africa and abroad, including:

  • Mining Infrastructure
    • Mining and mineral processing (structural repairs to silos, carbon fibre strengthening and other abrasive/structural strengthening and protection coatings); and
    • Material handling (concrete repairs, grouting and lining).
  • Industrial Plants, Oil & Gas
    • Power generation, transmission and distribution;
    • Repairs and coating with minor civils in petrochemical plants;
    • Heavy industrial plants (shut-down repairs, grouting, coatings and linings);
    • Rehabilitation of safety related nuclear structures and construction of nuclear waste management facilities;
    • Asbestos removal and management; and
    • Chimney cleaning and maintenance/repairs.
  • Water & Sanitation
    • Structural repairs to plant and chambers;
    • Reservoir, dam and intake repairs;
    • Specialised coatings, liners and joint sealing; and
    • Water proofing.
  • Transport Infrastructure
    • Widenings (road and bridge);
    • Jacking;
    • Structural upgrades; and
    • Erosion control.
  • Commercial and retail buildings (coating, water proofing and repairs).


Concrete rehabilitation and infrastructure repair projects are frequently undertaken at brownfield sites where the impact of the rehabilitation work on ongoing production must be kept to a minimum. Our track record of working in live environments; addressing costly, complex needs with innovative, safe, simple and cost-effective solutions; and our continued successful project delivery has resulted in repeat business from many key clients.

Our rehabilitation, repair and maintenance services:


  • Structural repairs and rehabilitation
    • Repair of spalled and carbonated concrete;
    • Treatment of reinforcing steel and cathodic protection systems;
    • Crack injection;
    • Application of protective coatings; and
    • Installation of strengthening plates and carbon-fibre reinforcing strips and wraps; and
    • Underwater construction and marine infrastructure maintenance.
  • Bridge repair
    • Bridge joint installation and repair;
    • Bridge widening;
    • Bridge jacking/bearing; and
    • Specialised bridge access.
  • Silo and storage structural repairs
    • Concrete repairs;
    • Liner installation;
    • Internal rail replacements;
    • External post tensioning; and
    • High-strength gunite applications.
  • Cooling tower rehabilitation
  • Chimney repair/maintenance/inspections
    • Flue cleaning;
    • Flue inspections; and
    • Specialised access for inspections.
  • Coal bunker and staithes
  • Water and sanitation infrastructure repairs
    • Waterproofing;
    • Acid proofing;
    • Flexible joint installation; and
    • Waterproofing applications – polyurethane decking systems.
  • Other specialist capabilities
    • Concrete cutting and coring;
    • Concrete demolition;
    • Acid proofing;
    • Flooring applications – epoxy coatings;
    • Specialist and ordinary grouting; and
    • Repair, rehabilitation, protection or aesthetic enhancement proposals utilising innovative materials.
  • Value-adding services
    • Structural condition assessments and reports;
    • Critical structures investigation and monitoring programme;
    • Structural forensic, maintenance schedule and implementation;
    • Preventative maintenance plans;
    • Tailor made access solutions;
    • The provision of designs for, and execution of high access inspection and work platforms;
    • Detailed planning and technical method statements, with temporary work design conducted in-house; and
    • Shut-down planning and execution of projects under shut-down conditions.

Experienced Teams

Our experienced teams are equipped with specialist equipment such as grout mixers, grout pumps and epoxy injection equipment; guniting equipment; polyurethane application equipment; specialist high-access equipment; high pressure cleaning equipment; grit and shot blasting equipment; hydraulic lifting and jacking equipment; specialist bridge joint installation equipment; concrete coring and cutting equipment; main riding construction hoists; and airless sprayers.

Mining Infrastructure 2
The Majuba Coal Silo Recovery Project Followed The Majuba Silo Recovery Anchors And Demobilisation Project And Was Completed For Eskom In March 2017. The Recovery Project Included The Reconstruction Of The Main Feed Silo (silo 20), The Lift Shaft And The Overland Conveyor Columns, As Well As The Reinforcement Of Silos 10 And 30. The Construction Methodology Utilised For The Three Silos Was Very Unique. A Concrete Skin Was Slid To The First Ten Metres Of Silo 20 And The Complete Silos 10 And 30 Using A Single Sided Shutter. The Remaining Forty Four Metres Of Silo 20 Were Slid Using A Conventional Slide.
The Majuba Silo Recovery Anchors And Demobilisation Scope Of Works Was Completed In September 2016. The Project Entailed The Power Washing Of Three Silos In Order To Install 5 800 Y12 Dowels Into The Silo And Demolish/cut Bad Concrete On Majuba’s Main Feed Silo (silo 20). The Specialised Concrete Repair Project Included Rope Access Technicians Who Power Washed (350 Bar) And Installed The Dowels To A Height Of Sixty Metre. A Concrete Wire Cutting Machine (hydrocut) Was Used To Cut The Uneven Top Of The Demolished Silo Into A Horizontal Working Service. The Concrete Was Cut Into Three  To Four Ton Sections And Removed By Crane. The Bottom Twelve Metres Of The Silo Was Structurally Intact, So Was Not Removed. During The Majuba Coal Silo Recover Project Eight Twelve Metre High Columns Were Constructed On This Foundation To Support The New Concrete Skin.
Silo Repair At The Greenside Colliery
NAMDEB Diamond Mine
Matla Mine’s ROM 2 Silo
Impala No 4 Penstock Pipe Rehabilitation 3
Majuba Coal Silo Recovery
Sasol’s 160 Metre High Cooling Tower
Arnot Chimney Repair
An Acid Proofing
Koeberg Nuclear Power Station Repairs
Access, Repair And Protection Of Cooling Towers
Refurbishment Of Two 165 Metre High Smoke Stacks At Hendrina
Rehabilitating Two Bridges On The M2
Specialist Concrete Rehabilitation To The Aging Port Nolloth Jetty
N4 Bridge And Culvert Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation Of The Main Access Road
Railway Infrastructure Rectification
Improvements To The Umgeni And Inanda Road Interchanges
Emergency Bridge Repairs And Improvements
Overhaul Of Parktown’s St. Andrews Bridge
Carlisle Bridge Rehabilitation Project