Concrete rehabilitation, infrastructure repair and special projects


Multidisciplinary construction group Stefanutti Stocks participates in a broad range of concrete structure and infrastructure construction projects. In addition to constructing greenfield projects the group’s Civils division has particular expertise in the field of maintenance, structural concrete repair and rehabilitation.

We offer the mining, industrial, petrochemical, power, water, transport, and building sectors economical repair strategies and implement market-leading technologies to ensure that existing and aging infrastructure assets stay in service for their intended lifespan.

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Concrete rehabilitation and infrastructure repair projects are frequently undertaken at brownfield sites where the impact of the rehabilitation work on ongoing production must be kept to a minimum. Our track record of working in live environments; addressing costly, complex needs with innovative, safe, simple and cost-effective solutions; and our continued successful project delivery has resulted in repeat business from many key clients.

Our rehabilitation, repair and maintenance services include:

  • Structural repairs and rehabilitation
  • Bridge repair
  • Silo and storage structural repairs
  • Cooling tower rehabilitation
  • Chimney repair/maintenance/inspections
  • Coal bunker and staithes
  • Water and sanitation infrastructure repairs
  • Other specialist capabilities
  • Value-adding services
  • Experienced teams
  • mining Infrastructure

    landmark projects

    mining Infrastructure, including:

    • Matla Headgear Rehabilitation
    • Majuba Coal Silo Recovery
    • Silo repair at the Greenside Colliery

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  • Industrial Plants, Oil & Gas

    landmark projects

    industrial plants, oil & gas , including:

    • Koeberg Nuclear Power Station repairs
    • Sasol’s 160-metre high cooling tower
    • Arnot Chimney Repair

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  • Water & Sanitation

    landmark projects

    water & sanitation, including:

    • Remedial work on the thickeners and launders
    • Repair and protection of two thickener dams
    • Vaalkop Dam Rehabilitation

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  • Transport Infrastructure

    landmark projects

    transport infrastructure, including:

    • Rehabilitating two bridges on the M2
    • N4 bridge and culvert rehabilitation
    • Rehabilitation of the main access road

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